Nina Resens

Nina Resens es nuestra línea de vestidos de XV años, te encantará. Tenemos tantos modelos como te puedes imaginar en el color de tu preferencia. Nuestros diseños se acoplan como una segunda piel que te hará lucir sensacional.

Every woman is a princess and more than 15 years, that is exactly what we want to communicate in our big night. The dress is the most important focal point of the event that everyone will remember. We understand that every princess has a different complexion, therefore, our designs are multi-size, we adjust to how your body requires for you to look flawless.

Most of our dresses are dismountable and include a short skirt, so you can dance the night away without having to change you and still look stunningly beautiful.

Quinceaños the debut, the quinceañera awakens and is officially no longer recognized in society as a little girl, but as a woman. Her big day is that of a princess with a large celebration containing a colorful elegant gown and a party to match.


Nina Resens Exclusive Quinceanera Dress Designs